Victron battery monitor BMV- 700S incl 500A shunt

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Victron battery monitor BMV- 700S incl 500A shunt

Precision Battery Monitor from Victron BMV- 700S with 500A measuring shunt for battery monitoring

Shipping time about one week

The precision battery monitor continuously monitor the status of your battery. Battery current and voltage are continuously measured. With these data , the current battery state of charge is calculated.

Battery capacity is measured in ampere-hours (Ah) . So , for example, has a battery that delivers a current of 5A for a time of 20 hours , a capacity of 100 Ah ( 5x20 = 100). The BMV continuously measures the current flow into and out of the battery and uses it to calculate the amount of energy supplied or removed . However, since the effective capacity of a battery depends also on the age, discharge current and temperature , a simple amp hours viewing is not enough. For example, if a 100 Ah battery is discharged in two hours, she has because of the high sampling only an available capacity of 56 Ah.

Apparently, the battery capacity is almost halved. This phenomenon is called " Peukert efficiency " . In addition, the capacity is reduced by high temperature further . The simple detection of ampere-hours or voltage values ??so is not sufficient to assess the state of charge . The BMV displays both the actual extracted Ah and the current corrected with Peukertkoeffizienten and charging efficiency charge state. With the observation of the state of charge can be assessed the battery life on the best . The value is expressed as a percentage where 100% fully charged battery and is 0 % empty. Man can compare in this car with the fuel gauge . Besides the main function of the BMV -700 battery monitor as there are other additional functions. This includes , for example, the current display of current and voltage , the possibility of storing data, the data transfer to the PC , as well as the voltage display of the starter battery of the motor ( only BMV- 702S ) .

General Indicators and Alarms
Battery voltage (V )
Batterie.Lade / discharge current ( A)
Consumption in ampere-hours (Ah)
Charging condition (% )
Remaining maturity at current consumption
Optical and acoustic alarm : over-and under-voltage , and / or battery
The BMV also has a potential- free contact, which can be used to automatically start / stop a generator, or for alarms or displays.

Victron BMV- 700S : low cost monitor with very high resolution
Highest resolution : 10mA (0,01 A) with 500A shunt
Can be used with 50, 60 or 100mV shunts are used , rated current from 100A to 1000A
Very low consumption : 4mA @ 12V, 3mA @ 24V
Very easy anzuschliesen : BMV- 700S comes with shunt , 10 meter RJ12 UTP cable and 2 meter battery cable with fuse einschlieslich . More is required. Easiest to install ( round or square) , ring for rear mounting ( back mounting ) and screws for front mounting
further voltage range : 9 - 90V DC without series interface ( for connection to a computer Isolated RS232 interface is required )
Optional : Isolated RS232 interface and software (for all BMV models )

Displays all information on a computer and loads charge / discharge curves in an Excel file for graphical display

Technical details :
Input Voltage: 9 - 90V DC
Power consumption (no backlight) : <0.4 mA
Battery capacity: 20 - 9.999AH
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +50 ° C
Measures voltage of second battery : no
Communication interface ( Port ): yes
Dry contact : 60V / 1 A (N / O)

Resolution with 500A shunt :
Current: 0.01 A
Voltage: ± 0.01V
Ampere hours : ± 0.1 Ah
Charge level (0-100% ): ± 0.1%
Remaining time: ± 1 minutes
Current measurement accuracy : ± 0.3 %
Accuracy of voltage measurement : ± 0.4 %
Installation and Dimensions:

separate front panel for round or rectangular panel.
Ring for rear mounting and screws for front mounting .
Front cover: 63mm diameter
Front plate: 69 x 69mm
Case diameter: 52mm
Case Depth: 31mm

Optional accessories:
Interface Connection PC -Link to the computer ( RS232) shunts up to 999A and / or 100mV can be used

Scope of delivery:
Battery Monitor BMV- 700S
shunt 500mA
10m UTP cable connection
2m battery cable with fuse


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